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Other Resources refers to the resources in the Billings area not otherwise included in the discussion of youth in crisis. This includes a wide range of categories such as food, clothing, housing, government support, employment, education, disabilities, childcare, legal, health and wellness, social clubs, support groups, and advocacy.  Links to the agencies/organizations are listed below.

Additional Resources

Billings Mental Health Center has a helpful list of community resources on their site please click here.

Montana Council of Developmental Disabilities created a Directory of Services to help families locate local supports in Montana. Please click here.

The Billings Area Family Violence Task Force has created a resource handbook for families. Please click here.

Child Find:Help locate missing children, educate kids on what to do if a stranger approaches them.

737 South Billings Blvd #0

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Phone: (406) 657-8778 Toll Free:1-800-762-8778
Hours: 24 hours
Services: Registered nurses provide (by phone) immediate, personalized and confidential health care information, direction to community health programs and assistance in finding a doctor; medical assessments and referrals; answers the Elder Abuse and Child Abuse Hotlines; information conduit to law enforcement and service providers.

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Additional Community Agencies and Resources

Parenting Classes

Parenting classes are courses taken by parents to assist them in the care of their children. Some courses may be required by court systems due to abuse or neglect, while other parents feel like they need assistance in a particular area. It may not be that they are bad parents -- they just need to learn alternative methods of care giving. These courses are for the benefit of the child and can only make parents more involved, disciplined and focused on what is best for their families.

Parenting education programs are being developed around the country to help parents assist their children through communication, discipline and proper boundaries. The curriculum for parenting classes varies by commonly offered models are: Love & Logic, Common Sense Parenting, and Triple P Parenting. Education and training is also offered for pre/post adoptive parents and foster parents.